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Radfords in the news - December'21

RadNews  —  December 10, 2021

Radfords in the news again!

We've managed to get in the news again, following an announcement that we are kicking off a project with the team at Mitolo Family Farms. After a lengthy scoping process, we will deliver an integrated "Soil to Supermarket" solution to help Mitolo grow, pack and sell their amazing potatoes and onions.


Mitolo Family Farms is a fully integrated business encompassing seed development, farming, processing, packing and distribution. It produces multiple lines over 40,000 hectares in three states for domestic and export markets. Radfords will be involved in its end-to-end onion and potato operations together with its on-farm vineyards.


Our CEO, Adam Cuming, had this to say about the project:

"They realised their need to fully digitise their business, and realised their need to future proof the legacy that they have built, into the future," he said. "They embarked on an RFP process to select the best provider possible to help them on their journey. What we suggested in our proposal was to do an upfront detailed scoping session to give them the full plan and what it meant end to end for their business, which they agreed with around the end of March and from there, there were negotiations to bring together the whole solution; which involves not only Radfords as a lead vendor, but we have brought Microsoft partner, Intergen and Empired, to do the financial general ledger and balance sheet."

We're pretty happy to see the story was picked up and published in the following places: