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Radfords awarded Callaghan Innovation Growth Grant

RadNews  —  April 30, 2018

Tauranga, Thursday April 30th, 2018
Radfords awarded Callaghan Innovation Growth Grant

The New Zealand owned software product development company has been awarded an R&D Growth Grant by Callaghan Innovation.

The three-year Callaghan Innovation growth grant will provide co-funding of 20% towards Radfords' eligible spend on their R&D programme per year, with additional funding for a further two years available on review. The Callaghan Innovation Growth grant is designed to help New Zealand businesses increase their investment in R&D.

Radfords has been a key player in collaborating across the NZ kiwifruit industry to help it scale into the success story it is today.  Radfords was born out of a need to provide a process-based software solution to support the NZ Kiwifruit industry 28 years ago.  Radfords help enable growers and pack-houses to meet stringent quality and process standards in a systematic way which in turn helps ensure New Zealand Kiwifruit is packed to a standard that delivers on the brand experience to the consumer.

In recent years Radfords has developed a generic range of software modules for the wider fresh produce market providing capability to manage orchard events, people and compliance, harvest, packing, quality control, inventory management, traceability, logistics and grower payments.  Radfords now partner with clients in NZ, Australia, Italy, France, Korea, Japan spanning the following produce categories: cherries, kiwifruit and kiwi-berries, peaches, apricots, plums, avocado, peaches, mangoes, strawberries, apples, kumara, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, citrus and chickens. 

Radfords CEO, Adam Cuming, last November took up the reins from Founder Phil Radford who has decided to move onto the Radfords' board and focus on special projects. 

Radfords awarded Callaghan Innovation Growth GrantMr Cuming says the company is honoured to receive the Callaghan Innovation grant.  “The world’s fresh produce demand is forecast to double by 2030 and there is huge pressure to create capacity, efficiency and traceability to help meet this demand.  Radfords has made the decision to invest heavily into R&D to leverage the new wave of technologies to help bring a step change in the orchard to customer process and help fresh produce brands provide a seamless connection from orchard to consumer.  We see AI as a big opportunity to help drive process optimisation where post-harvest operations are currently constrained by labour availability and cost.  The data collected through the end to end process will also enable supply chains to participate in future blockchains, creating the visibility of brands to connect their consumer to the orchard. With our span across many fresh produce categories, we are well placed to help make this a reality in collaboration with our clients and business partners to help grow the world's food basket. The Callaghan Innovation grant will enable us to provide scale and speed to our R&D plans to enable us to bring new capabilities to market and fuel our plans to grow our business globally”.  

Mr Cuming says Callaghan Innovation plays a vital role in New Zealand’s growth.
“We commend the targeted investment into a hi-tech, high growth economy that will enable kiwi businesses like Radfords to scale up and accelerate the development of world-class technology.  In our case, to provide capabilities to help our customers supply quality fresh food to meet burgeoning global demand”.


Press Contact:
Name:        Adam Cuming
Mobile:        +64 21 220 02 92
Email:        adam@radfords.global
Website:     www.radfords.global
Press Kit:    https://confluence.radfords.co.nz/display/PUB/Corporate+Identity

Callaghan Innovation business supports R&D for further information contact your local Regional Business Partner or visit Callaghan Innovation’s website